You might have been directed to this page because you have sent an e-mail with several e-mail addresses in the To-field when you should have used the Bcc-field.

What is the difference between "To" and "Bcc" (Blind carbon copy)?
When you add addresses into the To-field, everyone who gets the e-mail can see everyone else's addresses.
When you add adresses into the Bcc-field, no one can see who else get's the e-mail.

Why was it wrong to use the To-field?
You have breached people's privacy and put them to risk for spam and viruses.
1. The people on your list don't want the others to get their address. They gave it to you only.
2. If even just one person of those you e-mailed gets an e-mail virus, every person on that list is in risk of getting it. E-mail viruses check for all addresses that person has in his/her e-mail.
3. One of the people you send to might be a spammer, or just send the whole list to someone who sends spam.
4. Someone among the recipients might start sending advertisements to everyone and not even realize that it is spamming.
5. There is a very high risk that someone chooses "Reply to all" and send his/her reply to everyone on the list. This can quickly become loads of e-mails to everyone on that list.

What's the alternative?
If you had put everyone's addresses in the Bcc-field instead, all these risks would have been eliminated. What is the Bcc-field?

Never ever use the To-field if you're e-mailing people who don't know each other, or more than 5-10 people at a time, use the Bcc-field instead.